The Vision of "The Manger"

Pastor Raymon was given a vision many years ago by God, to one day build a chapel called The Manger. There have been many obstacles over the years, but the Lord says now is the time.

A simple “stable like” building much like where Jesus was born, but big enough to house a commercial kitchen; bathrooms and showers to assist struggling, hard working families that may have fallen on hard times or just need a hand up.

The Manger is a place of Sanctuary. A place to find a Helping Hand, where people can come 24/7 for counsel and fellowship; to pray and be prayed for; to worship God and study the Word. It is not a place for programs, but for ministries; for doing God's Work, for we must be about our Father's business.

A Biblical church that would “be” Jesus to those around them and not just “preach” Jesus; a group of believers that would love those around them as Jesus would and meet the needs of as many as possible using whatever is brought in the offering each week. Going door to door to Love those around us, finding out the needs and doing our best to help meet those needs, whether it be to help someone pay their rent or to put food on their table, and doing all in the name of Jesus.

God's Word in 2 Thessalonians 3:7-15 says: If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat. God has a reason for saying this. He kows when we just give to anyone (even the homeless), that have no desire to better themselves, we are enabling them, not helping them.



A note from Pastor Raymon:
"We are called The Manger for a reason. God has put in my Heart to go back to the Manger where Salvation began; to the simplicity of God’s Word. We are affiliated only with the Body of Christ that God has called out. We want to Love God with ‘All’ our heart, mind and strength and Love and Serve ‘others’ more than ourselves. We want people to begin “seeing” the Love of Jesus not just “hear” about Jesus; To ‘GO!’ into the community and literally meet the needs around us. Not build a ‘Community Comfort Zone’!
Please pray and only answer to what God calls you to do.  Whether it’s praying for The Manger, or contributing financially. I would Love to share my vision with all whom God calls."

Contact me by Email:  or Phone: 480.593.7777         
In His Love   <†><
A Servant of the Lord and All Others
Pastor Raymon


For now we are meeting in a little tent-like chapel at our home in Apache Junction as we wait for the people of God to join us in our vision and help us bring in the funds to buy the land God has us praying for and to build The Manger.

Contact Pastor Raymon for more information and to find out how you can be a part of our vision!  or call 480.593.7777


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